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Know Your Destiny and Find Your Own Way

My journey starts from a non-believer to be a believer, from unknown to known. I feel astrology is the language of our soul and it provides a chance to know the actual reasons of our problems and circumstances .We take birth on the basis of our past life karmas, astrology gives us the right path to cure our problems from the roots. Astrology is not just like simple remedies given by any astrologer but it is a holy guidance for everyone to purify their karmas. I believe that everyone has a purpose of his life to learn something and that’s why as a soul we choose to take birth in a particular time ,date and place. Astrology is a science which helps us to understand the deepest aim of our birth. In my experience I can say that we choose a perfect timing for every single incident in our life but unknowingly we always blame the circumstances of life. As I choose to learn astrology in my lifetime when I was totally give up on myself. May be the placement of Jupiter and its mahadasha in my horoscope blesses me to know this Vedic science. Practicing astrology for last seven years and I belief it is a blessing for everyone to know in which area of life we should purify our karmas and how we can give our 100% to achieve our real aim of our existence.


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